The Cellusana Selection

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Day Cream
Super effective wellness
for your skin.
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Night Cream
Skin regeneration
during your sleep.
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Care Serum
Concentrated activation
power for your skin.
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Test Set
Treat and protect your skin
24h every day.
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Skin Care Series Set
Give your skin a young
look and optimal care.
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protection for your skin

Cellusana – Your natural, regenerative facial care based on cellular research

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It performs functions key to our metabolism, and it protects us from the environment. Our skin, a multilayered regeneration artist, has the ability to produce daughter cells within its basal membrane in order to stay in an ever-going regenerative process. Yet aging slows down this process: the natural refreshening of skin cells drops, causing the skin to lose elasticity, to become brittle and to eliminate toxins slower.

A powerful facial care must provide protection for the upper skin layers, while simultaneously boosting skin cell regeneration from deep within. All these properties are contained in Cellusana Skin Care!

Cellusana combines the ground-breaking findings of long-standing cellular research together with valuable nutrients – It is basically a beauty clinic in your own home!

Your wellness temple... home Cellusana Tagescreme regenerierende
Along with high-quality ingredients like Q10, hyaluronic acid and collagen, Cellusana’s natural facial care contains important cell activators called cell peptides, which trigger skin regeneration from the inside, giving you a young and fresh look.

Thanks to its perfectly compatible ingredients, this regenerative facial care based on cell extracts is perfect for almost all skin types. We make modern skin care very easy – forget intricate, time-consuming beauty kits and use simple, highly effective skin care products. The Cellusana palette only consists on a day cream, a night cream and a serum. Choose clever anti-aging at the comfort of your home and forget about yesterday’s skin!


Regenerative skin care with the concentrated power of cell peptides

Our very powerful Cellusana facial care uses its innovative CARE principle based on cell peptides to infiltrate the skin and release its natural regeneration properties. Cell peptides are organic molecules extracted from natural cells that penetrate the skin and act as cell activators. By applying it to your skin, you stimulate your cellular metabolism and promote the production of new skin cells. With Cellusana facial care, skin regeneration is in your hands. Research combined with sophisticated ingredients to stimulate your skin daily and help it regenerate.