from cell research

thanks to our innovative CARE® technology your skin is regenerated in a natural way

attractive and compelling

the perfect combination of our active ingredients and cell peptides gives your skin a young and fresh look


made in Germany

we are a family business and produce in our own laboratory in Bingen on the Rhine - Germany

all in one

we use our products ourselves. That's why we only use select high-quality ingredients such as Q10, hyaluron, aloe vera and cell peptides.

Cellusana Daycreme

Straffende Tagescreme
  • contains cell peptides
  • increases the regenerative capacity
  • renews the cells
  • tightens the skin
  • protects against free radicals
  • helps to store moisture
  • suitable for all skin types

Cellusana Nightcreme

Regenerierende Nachtcreme Cellusana
  • contains cell peptides
  • an extremely nutrient-rich cream
  • stimulates the natural cell renewal
  • supplies with necessary nutrients
  • supports collagen production
  • revitalizes and protects the skin
  • suitable for all skin types

Cellusana Serum

Cellusana Serum
  • contains cell peptides
  • regenerates the skin from within
  • increases the vitality
  • refines the skin texture and stimulates natural cell renewal
  • restores the balance of the stressed skin
  • suitable for all skin types
"Cellusana is very close to the Holy Grail of skincare."
Cornelia Doll
Cornelia Doll
"About the ingredients: I felt like I was at the Oscars, only superstars from A-Z"
Dorota (Doro) Retterath
Dorota Retterath

You too can trust the Cellusana care series. With the innovative CARE®- Technology maximize cell renewal in your skin with results that will make your best friend envy you.

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