Experienced cell therapists treated severe burns with wound dressings

These wound compresses impregnated with stem cells have a regenerative effect in healing burns faster and with less scarring. A further enhancement was achieved through Prof. Dr. med. Albert Landsberger’s research and development of a healing ointment. It was used especially on burn injuries caused by radiotherapy. These practical experiences were then put to practice in our Cellusana Skin Care Series. Its medical background gives its series a special quality: the regeneration of the skin is accelerated, helping it look younger.

By combining a moisturizing day cream, a nurturing night cream and a concentrated serum, your skin is optimally treated. The Cellusana Product Line relies on its matchless composition of cell peptides for its success.

Our Products – Internationally acclaimed

The visible effect of our product line has become popular in the whole world. Next to our very satisfied customers in the USA, the South East Asian region has become our main market. The human skin's needs are universal, so our carefully developed and refined products impress in all corners of the planet.

We receive this feedback at international expos and through the daily contact with our customers. This gains even more importance when you consider that environmental harm and contamination to the skin within these regions is much greater than in Germany, where our headquarters are located.

Vermonde – Our Sales Partner

We form a sales organisation together with Vermonde GmbH, which is in charge of marketing the Cellusana Cosmetic Series and of marketing innovative food supplements. Under www.vermonde.com, you shall find a whole product palette devoted to health and well-being.

In this, it is of outmost importance to stay true, and even outperform, our „Made In Germany“ nature. Despite higher production and salary costs, we are proud of producing our cosmetics and food supplement lines in Germany under the highest production standards.

The Cellusana Mission – Improving your well-being

Happier, lighter, more confident, relaxed. These are some of the side effects of our cosmetic line. Cellusana wants to impress you with its effectivity, competence and know-how.

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