Since the 1970s, the medical community has utilized the amazing regenerative power of cell therapy to treat patients with severely burned skin.

Applications of stem cell saturated pads were shown to accelerate healing and minimize scarring. The potent healing capacity of cell therapy is widely used for the treatment of radiation burns with the application of a therapeutic ointment created by Dr. Albert Landsberger.


Cellusana has incorporated these innovative treatments into our highly effective Cellusana Skin Care Series. Based on the time proven benefits of cell research science our products contain a unique composition of cell peptides. This proprietary formulation boosts skin regeneration, helping to create a more youthful appearance. Optimal results are achieved by combined use of the products. The Skin Care Series is comprised of three products – Moisturizing Day Cream, High-Nutrient Night Cream and Rich Serum Ampoules.

Cellusana – Derived from the science of cell research.