Innovative anti-aging from cell research

Our Cellusana skin care series combines groundbreaking findings from cell research and modern skin care cosmetics. The products contain a unique cell activator - the cell peptides. They carry by means of the specially designed CARE®- Technology highly effective active substances right up to the stem cells. There, where skin aging has its origin, they accelerate the natural regeneration of the cells. Your skin renews itself from within, naturally and permanently.

Forget complicated modular systems of an ordinary skin care! Thanks to Cellusana, you only need three anti-aging products that regenerate your skin and make it glow: a Day creme with cell peptides, a Nightcreme as well as an additional SerumThe Cellusana care series contains only selected and precisely coordinated active ingredients such as Q10, hyaluron and aloe vera as well as our natural cell activator - the cell peptides. These are the best active ingredients from medicine and cosmetics, which are suitable for every skin type.

The Cellusana skin care series has a triple effect: it protects the cells, renews your skin from within and makes your skin look healthier and more youthful.

free of parabens

we take great care to ensure that our entire series remains free of mineral oils.

light fragrance

we avoid strong perfumes. Therefore our series does not cause allergies.

selected substances

Q10, hyaluron, shea butter, aloe vera and cell peptides - only the best for your skin

for all skin types

the balanced recipe of the care series sets new standards and is suitable for all skin types

Enjoy the ideal combination of cell research and cosmetics!

Daycreme - Cellusana Hydration pour le jour

Our regenerating anti-aging facial care for the day contains cell peptides, which (re-)activate the cells of your skin using our CARE®- Technology and renews them gently and effectively from within. The day cream provides the necessary moisture, protects against free radicals and prevents wrinkles. Your skin immediately appears firmer and more youthful and shines with a new radiance.

Nightcreme - Cellusana Revitalisation pour la nuit

Our regenerating skin care for the night contains cell peptides. It provides your skin with the necessary nutrients and stimulates natural skin renewal. The unique combination of high-quality active ingredients and cell peptides strengthens the skin function, increases the nutrient content and supports collagen production for youthful firmness. While you sleep, your skin builds up from the inside out. The next morning, the entire skin appearance is improved, wrinkles are reduced and your skin gets a fresh, youthful appearance.

Serum - Cellusana plus 50% cell peptide

With the highest dosage of cell peptides (50%), our serum supports healthy skin function and restores the balance of stressed skin. The serum provides your skin with an extra portion of moisture and nutrients, which, thanks to our CARE®- Technology reach the stem cells and take effect there. This all-rounder repairs and revitalizes your stressed skin and helps you look young, fresh and attractive.