Eye cream: The 3 most important questions

Warum Augencreme wichtig ist

An eye cream? Can't I use my day care for the eye area as well? That is not enough, say the experts. In this article we explain why the skin around the eyes deserves more attention.

The eye area is a sensitive area. In contrast to the rest of the body, the skin in this area of the face is particularly thin and very sensitive. As a little traitor, it can reveal a lot about us: If we have celebrated too much, dark circles form under the eyes in a flash, which attentive colleagues and friends cannot escape to notice.

First wrinkles also usually appear around the eyes. Thin skin cannot produce as much sebum and can hardly form any moisture. It has hardly any depots to store necessary nutrients and water. Consequently, it dries out more quickly. Considering these aspects, it is not surprising that in compasition to all other areas wrinkles first appear around the eyes.

Nevertheless, a lot is demanded of the thin skin area under the eyes: on a normal day, we blink up to 15 times a minute, each time straining the skin. Over a whole year, we blink nine days without interruption! Laughter also leaves its marks around the eyes. This is how the so-called expression lines are created.

1. A special eye cream or rather the day care?

Does our skin region really need special care? After all, this is an additional cosmetic product that costs money and takes up space in the bathroom. Is an eye cream really important or can normal face care also support the skin under the eyes?

Experten sind sich bei der Frage einig: Eine spezielle Augencreme ist notwendig. Für den sensiblen Bereich reicht die normale Tagescreme nicht aus. Die Haut hier benötigt feinere Wirkstoffe, die genau auf die Bedürfnisse dieser Gesichtspartie abgestimmt sind und zu keinen Irritationen führen.

2 Which active ingredients help the skin under the eyes?

Avocado provides the skin around the eyes with moisture.

Moisture is particularly important for the skin under the eyes. As the thin layer can hardly store anything, the eye area must be regularly supplied with moisture and important nutrients. For this reason, you should drink a lot, which is not only good and important for the eye area, but for the whole body in general.

Avocado and aloe vera in particular have proven to be good active ingredients for the eye area. The valuable fatty acids of avocado provide the skin with abundant moisture and elasticity. The fruit also stimulates blood circulation, reducing dark circles around the eyes.

The juice of Aloe Vera is one of the best ingredients in cosmetics. The plant contains vitamin E and important amino acids that minimize dryness and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Aloe vera also has an anti-inflammatory effect and fights against lachrymal sacs.

Eye Wear Sensitive von Cellusana enthält neben Avocado Öl und Aloe Vera auch Sheabutter. Sie hilft der Haut Feuchtigkeit zu speichern und die hauteigene Barriere zu stärken.

3 Why should eye cream be tapped in?

As the skin around the eyes is very thin, it cannot tolerate much pressure. Do not rub the skin care product too firmly, otherwise wrinkles may appear. It is best to tap the eye cream into the skin. Some experts recommend using the ring finger.

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Cellusana - Eye Wear
Eye Wear Sensitive mit Avocadoöl und Aloe Vera.

Bilder: pixabay.

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