Exercise and sports against skin aging: 5 tips

Sport gegen Hautalterung

"Sport is murder." I guess everyone's heard that one before. And yet, sport is anything but murder and can even help stop the aging process. Regular exercise and targeted training increase the reduction of fat deposits in our skin and tighten the tissue in the long term. Through continuous work-out, the resulting muscles are also a vivid accessory.

Bewegung an der frischen Luft für einen rosigen Teint

Our skin cells renew themselves on average every four weeks. A balanced workout can help promote the production of growth hormones and provide more oxygen and nutrients to the skin by improving circulation. As a result, skin cells can renew more often and faster, leaving skin looking young and fresh. Outdoor sports are even more suitable. Fresh air intensifies the blood circulation and supplies the body not only internally with fresh oxygen, but also visibly from the outside through a pleasantly rosy complexion.

Remove the signs of impure skin

In addition to improved cell renewal, sport can also help to prevent impure skin. During a workout the stress hormone cortisol is reduced. It is often blamed for impure skin, as in fact, too high cortisol concentrations in the body can lead to bad skin, high blood pressure and ravenous appetite. At the same time, excess sebum and dirt deposits are naturally transported out of the pores by sweat production. Make-up should also generally be avoided during a training session. This will clog the pores again and the skin cannot breathe. We have explained how to cleanse your skin properly here.

A firm and elastic skin structure

If you move continuously, you quickly notice how the body changes. In addition to the aesthetic effect, muscle growth also helps to tighten the skin from within and strengthen the connective tissue. During intensive training, collagen is transported into the skin cells, thereby strengthening the skin's elasticity and flexibility in the long term. Just 12 minutes of jogging a day can have a positive effect on this.

Sweat through sport makes sexy

Of course, sport also brings along a few side effects - namely a lot of sweat! And most people find it a little disgusting. But sweating is a pretty clever invention of Mother Nature. It regulates the body temperature and ensures that we don't overheat. At the same time, our skin is supplied with more blood, which means that dead skin cells can be removed more easily. Regular training sessions are therefore not only good for our cardiovascular system, they also keep the skin young and fit. This is because the body's own lipids contained in sweat act like a body lotion. Through the sweat glands, which are distributed throughout the body, the body fluid is equally released and distributed on the skin surface. A further side effect is achieved by the pheromones present in sweat. These so-called attractants are said to have an attracting power and are said to influence us unconsciously when deciding whether we find another person attractive. Those who do sport regularly also train their sweat glands to start off in a more targeted manner and become more powerful. Trained sweat glands can better regulate the amount of water in the body and do not release too much fluid at once.

1-2 training sessions per week

Regular sweating not only reduces the likelihood of skin disease but also the risk of psoriasis by 30%. However, this effect only becomes measurably effective from a training effort of about 1-2 training units per week. Moderate training is also the better option. Because if the body is overburdened, there is a risk of oxidative stress, which is a major factor in the body's ageing process, as it impairs the repair and detoxification functions of the cells.

5 helpful tips against skin aging

  1. Do not use make-up, otherwise the skin cannot sweat and clog your pores. The result: annoying little pimples on the skin.
  2. Shower short and cold or lukewarm. This does not affect the natural protective film of your skin as much as warm water.
  3. One should generally avoid strongly chemical and especially alcoholic cleaning and care products.
  4. Sportswear should be breathable and not too tight so that the skin can ventilate well.
  5. Drink plenty! Because the sweaty moisture must of course be recovered.

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