Acetyl Hexapeptide (Argireline®): Botox alternative for firm skin

Botolift - Botox Ersatz Acetyl Hexapeptid 8

Botox is expensive, painful and still the number one wrinkle killer. The nerve poison is so reliable that more and more people are deciding to get an injection as early as their mid-30s. Even the smallest visible signs of skin ageing should be removed, no matter what it costs or the risks involved in the Botox injection. However, there is a good alternative to Botox: Acetyl hexapeptide smoothes the skin and prevents the development of deep wrinkles. Painless and without injections.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Botox?

Botox has been considered the anti-wrinkle treatment since the 1990s. It is the most powerful nerve poison known to mankind. It is injected directly into the muscle, thus blocking nerve impulses. The corresponding muscle can no longer be tensed, which visibly smoothes out the wrinkles.

Unfortunately, the effect of the anti-aging fabric does not last long. After a few weeks or months, the unpopular wrinkles are back and you have to go to the needle again. But be careful: too much nerve poison could seriously alter facial expressions because Botox paralyses the muscles. In this case the face becomes a motionless mask.

Acetyl Hexapeptid (Argireline®) als Alternative zu Botox

A good alternative to Botox is the innovative active ingredient Acetyl Hexapeptide. Its mode of action is similar to the nerve poison. It is known that our body cells communicate with each other via messenger substances. The nerve messenger is called acetylcholine (ACh) in muscles. The muscle contracts more strongly the more ACh reaches it. Then it contracts more intensively, which promotes the development of wrinkles.

The innovative substance acetyl hexapeptide inhibits acetylcholine, which causes the muscle to contract less and does not stress the skin. If the skin remains relaxed, hardly any wrinkles appear. Unlike Botox, hexapeptide does not paralyse the muscle, it just relaxes it. The expression lines are smoothed in this way and the development of deep wrinkles is prevented.

…ich finde, meine Haut sieht nach dem Auftragen ziemlich entspannt aus. Das mag ich.

– Conny Doll Lifestyle,

Proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles

Acetyl hexapeptide is a peptide consisting of six amino acids. Clinical studies prove its effect on wrinkle reduction. For example, the research team led by Dr. Antonio Ferrer-Montiel at the Universidad Miguel Hernández in Spain studied the effect of creams and serums containing acetyl hexapeptide. The results of the study showed that the depth of wrinkles could be reduced by up to 30 percent with a 30-day application.

Better than Botox

Acetyl hexapeptide, unlike Botox, cannot make wrinkles disappear completely, but it can significantly minimise them. In any case, the active ingredient is a very good alternative to the nerve poison. The following advantages should be particularly emphasised:

  1. Acetyl hexapeptide does not have to be injected, which saves you having to go to a plastic surgeon and is easy on your wallet
  2. BOTOLIFT refresh by Cellusana contains acetyl hexapeptide as well as hyaluronic acid, which provides the skin with additional padding.
  3. Less risks than Botox
  4. The peptide stimulates collagen formation in the skin. This provides the skin with its natural firmness and elasticity. With increasing age, the body breaks down collagen. Acetyl hexapeptide counteracts this by strengthening collagen production. The skin appears healthier, more elastic and fresher.

Acetyl hexapeptide is therefore a good, cheap and needle-free alternative to Botox.

Cellusana - Botolift refresh

BOTOLIFT refresh von Cellusana enthält neben Acetyl Hexapeptid-8 auch Hyaluronsäure, die die Haut zusätzlich aufpolstert. Das Produkt sorgt für eine spürbare Entspannung der Gesichtsmuskulatur, mildert effektiv Fältchen und reduziert das Auftreten von feinen Linien. Das enthaltene Canonaöl macht die Haut außerdem glatt und geschmeidig.

Bild: Conny Doll Lifestyle

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