CARE®- Technology

The innovative CARE®- Technology (Cell-Activity-Regeneration-Effect) is what distinguishes the Cellusana facial care series. It allows the ingredients to unfold their effect in the depths of the cell, thus supporting the natural cell metabolism. The CARE®-Technology to biological cell activation and works through all layers of our skin. The principle thus accelerates the regeneration of the skin and vitalises it from within. Your skin gets exactly the help it needs to look young and fresh again. Lasting and completely natural. Lasting and completely natural.

With CARE®-Technology against skin aging

Our CARE®The CARE technology counteracts aging. The Cellusana skin care series contains, in addition to selected valuable active ingredients such as hyaluron and Q10, an additional activator - signal molecules extracted from natural tissue, above all the cell peptides. These reach up to the basement membrane where they activate the skin's stem cells. When the cream is applied, they thus have a natural regenerative effect. Daily application can renew the skin in a lasting way.

Cosmetics and cell research hand in hand

The Cellusana skin care series is more than just cosmetics. Our CARE®-Technology is based on decades of knowledge from cell research. As early as the 1970s, physicians often treated even the most severe burns with tissue extracts. In this way they achieved a regenerative effect: the skin healed faster and scarring was reduced. This laid the foundation for our unique CARE®-Technology against skin aging even then.

"We take CARE® of your skin"

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Cellusana sample crucible set

Would you like to convince yourself of the effectiveness of Cellusana facial care? Then the practical trial jar set with 15 ml each of our tried and tested day and night cream as well as a €30 voucher is perfect for you.

Activate the regeneration of your skin from the inside out and count on the power of the cell peptides that give our Cellusana facial care products that certain something.

Customers love Cellusana

In January 2021, we asked our customers why they love Cellusana.


feel that your skin is optimally moisturised 24h a day


notice a significant improvement in the appearance of their skin


say their skin looks fresher and healthier


feel that Cellusana products plump up their skin