Cellusana - Cosmetics from cell research

For over 30 years, company founder Stefanie Dreyer has been working with renowned cell researchers and physicians. Based on groundbreaking findings in cell research, she further develops the healing ointment produced by Prof. Dr. med. Albert Landsberger. This ointment has already shown its excellent regenerative effect in the treatment of burns at the beginning of the 1980s.

In its own laboratory in Bingen on the Rhine, Cellusana continues the success story of renowned cell researchers and physicians to this day. Here, the unique skin care products are manufactured under the strictest quality conditions.

But we do not only produce skin care products. The unique CARE®- Technology also maximizes cell renewal in other organs. Specifically formulated food supplements thus improve your well-being. Find out more on our other website: www.vermonde.com

Internationally in demand

The visible effect of our product line has become popular in the whole world. Next to our very satisfied customers in the USA, the South East Asian region has become our main market. The human skin's needs are universal, so our carefully developed and refined products impress in all corners of the planet.

We receive this feedback at international expos and through the daily contact with our customers. This gains even more importance when you consider that environmental harm and contamination to the skin within these regions is much greater than in Germany, where our headquarters are located.

Cellusana und Vermonde auf internationalen Messen
Zellkosmetik Regenerierende Kosmetik Cellusana

Our mission -
Increase your well-being

More relaxed, more satisfied, more self-confident, a new lightness and a better attitude towards life? These are the positive side effects that a good cosmetic series achieves. Cellusana wants to inspire you with its effects. We as a company with our competence will accompany you with advice and action on this path.