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You too can trust the Cellusana care series. With the innovative CARE®- Technology you maximise the cell renewal of your skin with results that will make your best friend jealous. We have had our products tested by professionals. Everyone was thrilled. You can trust that our customers' enthusiasm is authentic.


Nowshine is a German Ü40 fashion and lifestyle blog from NRW - several times a week fashion outfits, beauty trends and women's topics from the age of 40.

"About the ingredients: I felt like I was at the Oscars, only superstars from A-Z"
Dorota (Doro) Retterath
Dorota Retterath

Doro, who is always in a good mood and has positive vibes, raves about the ingredients of our products in her contribution. Especially the serum is the firming miracle cure of her choice. And when Doro will have her performance at the Oscar Awards, she has promised to use Cellusana for the Gala and to promote it in Hollywood. Or something like that.

Doro's blog Nowshine is one of the best places to go in the German-speaking world for fashion- and lifestyle-conscious women Ü and U40. We are thrilled about Doro, who does her thing with consistency and enormous drive and who really goes deep into her topics.

So you get to read a very well researched and authentic report:

Cellusana-Tester Dorota Retterath
Cellusana-Tester Conny Doll

Conny Doll Lifestyle

Conny Doll Lifestyle is more than a lifestyle and fashion blog. It is a blog that doesn't shy away from change and is designed for over 40 women who are in the middle of life. A blog that has stories to tell that will make readers smile from time to time. A Feel Good experience where we at Cellusana see our products in good hands.

"With Cellusana, I feel she does more, visibly more for my skin. I've never had that upholstered feeling before with another skin-care cream..."
Cornelia Doll
Conny Doll

"Mega skin care" and "three miracle products" are great compliments for us and at the same time proof that Conny is also megabegeistered by Cellusana. Her skin feels much firmer and fresher in the endurance test.

Conny even remembered our medical history and directly contracted a burn blister in order to test the healing of wounds with our Serum We thank you for so much effort in the product test, Conny!

Conny's contribution is not about the Oscars, but about the holy grail of skin care. Find out why Cellusana is so close:


Malefashion und Lifestyle Blog

"I've been using cellusana for four weeks: My skin feels supple and I have no feeling of tension whatsoever."
Kaisers Kleider
Maik Kaiser

"My boyfriend and I are totally enthusiastic," was Maik's reaction on the phone when he told us his first experiences after a few weeks of use. In search of elasticity without a feeling of tension and radiance for his skin, Maik made the right choice with Cellusana.

In his field report you can read how Cellusana transfers years of knowledge from wound healing to the effective complexes of daily skin care.

Visit Kaiser's New Clothes, the hip blog for extravagant painting fashion and lifestyle with pep:

Cellusana-Tester Maik Kaiser
Cellusana-Tester Claudia Steinlein

Glam Up Your Lifestyle

Ü40 + Ü50 Blog for fashion, lifestyle, beauty, fitness and healthy eating

"To the night cream: And shall I tell you something: I LOVE THIS cream! I generally prefer rich creams, that's why I am so fond of this night care. In addition, my firm skin, with which I wake up in the morning, inspires me."
Claudia Steinlein

"I want plump skin too!" That was Claudia's incentive to test Cellusana extensively. Claudia is the mastermind behind the blog Glam Up Your Lifestyle, which reports authentically, openly and honestly about the completely normal madness for women over 40.

With the serum Cellusana Claudia could really inspire thanks to the plumper and firmer skin feeling. Claudia's enthusiasm even goes so far that she says our products deserve an Oscar! And her statement about the night cream "Revitalisation pour la nuit." must be pure love.

In her blog post you can read in detail why Cellusana is so well suited for Claudia's very sensitive skin:

Cellusana-Tester BRU`S

BRU'S - The Men's Blog

"You won't want another skin cream, I promise."
Blogger Bru

Bru from BRU'S - The men's blog sums it up perfectly: "What's good for burnt skin also supports healthy skin." The medicinal roots of our cosmetic line help the skin to regenerate naturally. The cell peptides in Cellusana products meet BRU's requirement to transport a lot of moisture into the skin.

What else our products can do with men's skin and why Bru has to hide his Cellusana jars well in the meantime, you can read in his blog post:

Cellusana-Tester Bru
Cellusana-Tester Wommen2style


Fashion blog for women over 40

"A small remark in passing: during the last weeks of intense celebration it has helped me a lot to remove the visible traces of the long nights :-)
Susanne Niermann
Susanne Niermann

Susanne is a type and image consultant and a woman with style. A woman with charisma and self-confidence, who enjoys the beautiful things in life. Cellusana is just the right thing for her. Because this is how she was able to experience for the first time that her skin still feels good in the evening with Day creme with cell peptidesHydratation pour le jour".With our serum she gets the ultimate kick for skin stressed by weather and party-intensive nights.

See how well Cellusana looks on Susanne's face, on her blog Women2Style, which even at the age of 50 is still a lot of fun in style and fashion: