The right sun protection for your skin

Don't we all come alive when the sun shines in summer? And rightly so, because sun is vital! Without sun our body cannot produce vitamin D3, which strengthens bones and boosts the immune system. Sunlight also helps the skin to heal itself, and I'm sure we've all noticed how our mood lifts when the sun shines. But sunlight is not harmless. How do we protect ourselves from the dangerous UV rays? Read more in our sun protection tips..

Too much of a good thing can become dangerous

For most fair-skinned people in Central Europe, tanned skin is a sign of healthy beauty. However, too much sun does more harm than good.

Sunburn is the first and clearest sign of damage to the skin from the sun. In the long run, too much sun can even be carcinogenic, and this effect is intensified by even the smallest sunburn. Without adequate protection, sun on the skin also contributes to premature skin aging, and even if this is not directly harmful to health, we can still do without wrinkles and discoloration!

Why is the sun actually so dangerous for the skin?

To understand why we need to protect our skin from the sun, we should know that two types of rays are effective in sunlight: UVB and UVA rays.

UVB rays only penetrate the upper skin layer. There they cause a thickening of the horny layer, which acts like a natural sunscreen. At the same time UVB rays stimulate the production of pigments. However, in order to achieve these positive effects, sun exposure to the skin for a few minutes is sufficient. Because UVB rays are also responsible for sunburn and ultimately skin cancer!

UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and cause a redistribution of pigments, in other words what we see as tanning of the skin. But here, too, the following applies: too much or too strong UVA radiation is harmful! Above all, it promotes sun-induced skin ageing, the so-called photoaging. There are also indications that UVA rays are involved in both sunburn and black skin cancer, and that they can trigger allergies.

Choosing the right sun protection

Basically, we should make sure that our sun protection not only blocks UVB rays but also UVA rays from the skin. Products marked with the circular UVA symbol offer protection against UVA rays that is at least one third of the sun protection factor. For SPF 30, this means a UVA protection factor of 10.

Under no circumstances should the sun protection factor of the sunscreen be chosen too low. Nevertheless, light-skinned people, usually blond or redheaded, and those whose skin has numerous pigment spots need stronger protection than people who have naturally darker skin. With an SPF of 30 nobody is wrong, for the particularly sensitive facial skin SPF 50 is ideal.

The activities that you want to do in the sun must also be considered when choosing sun protection. It should be generally known that sun protection is lost when bathing. However, this also happens through heavy sweating, for example during sports.

Important: Apply sun protection in good time and in sufficient quantity

The sunscreen should be applied half an hour before the skin comes into contact with the sun so that the product can take effect. The two-finger rule helps with the correct dosage. A proper strand of sunscreen on the index and middle finger belongs on each of the following body regions: head and neck, chest, back, left arm, right arm, left thigh, right thigh, left lower leg, right thigh. Do not forget: of the body that we don't usually use lotion on, like the ears or the neck.

Remember to apply cream regularly, especially after swimming.

What else can I do for healthy skin?

To protect the skin from damage and premature aging, you should avoid the sun at midday. But: Sun protection is also necessary in the shade! A chic sun hat protects your face and neck. Clothing made of special materials with UV protection is available for children and adults, but other fabrics also protect the skin from the sun's rays. And why not grab a sunshade for once? In Asia, where this is widespread, light-coloured skin is considered the ideal beauty - why not start a new trend!

In any case, the decisive factor for healthy, fresh and youthful looking skin is not the tan, but daily skin care. Here you should rely on a product that stimulates the cell metabolism and thus ensures natural skin regeneration.

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