The right care routine for beautiful and healthy skin

Are you comfortable in your skin? Have you discovered the right care routine for you? This is very important, because the skin is considered to be the mirror of our soul and the well-known saying is not by chance. But it's also true the other way round: we feel all the better in healthy, fresh skin!

Stress, anger and illness can actually be responsible for a bad skin appearance. Therefore, good and sufficient sleep is also very important for the skin. But feelings of tension, irritation or even skin impurities in the form of blackheads or pimples are usually also influenced by external factors. Here is the good news: With the right care routine we can prevent!

What is part of the right care routine?

It is very important for facial care to have a fixed place in your daily routine in the morning and evening, and you should also plan for one or two additional care rituals during the week. In addition, the care must be tailored to your skin type. This applies to products as well as the frequency and intensity of the care steps. If you regularly deal with your facial skin, you will quickly find the right level.

Of course, the right care routine requires a little time, and it takes a certain discipline to implement it in the long run. But the reward is worth it: beautiful skin in which you feel good. And maybe one day you can even do without elaborate make-up - and let your radiant skin shine naturally. So it's definitely worth investing time in the care routine.

The daily facial care

After a restful night, your facial skin also feels relaxed. Nevertheless it would be wrong to do without skin care in the morning. Because especially during sleep important metabolic processes take place in the body. Many harmful substances are excreted through the skin, so that dirt and sebum can be deposited in the pores. Even dead skin cells accumulate overnight.

However, facial cleansing in the morning may be shorter than in the evening. Under no circumstances should it attack the natural acid mantle that the skin builds up overnight. Nevertheless, water alone is usually not enough. Use a gentle cleanser to refresh your face. Depending on your skin type, this can be a pH-neutral washing lotion, a cleansing foam, cleansing gel or milk.

After cleansing, it is advisable to spray on a facial tonic and tap lightly. This is followed by a moisturizing day care product that protects the facial skin from the environmental influences of the day.

The particularly fine skin around the eyes can be additionally nourished with an eye cream.

It is very important to provide sufficient sun protection, as sunlight is one of the main factors for premature skin aging. Choose either a day care product that already contains a sun protection factor or a special sunscreen for the face. If you are not exposed to the sun for very long in your everyday life, for example by working outdoors, a sun protection factor of 20 to 30 is sufficient for daily sun protection. But remember, even on dull days - sunlight also penetrates clouds!

In the evening, facial care should be more careful than in the morning. Very important: all residues of make-up must be removed without leaving any trace, so that the fine particles cannot get stuck in the pores. Read how to remove make-up properly: here..

After cleansing the face and refreshing the skin with a tonic, a rich, regenerative cream for the night is appropriate. Massage the cream into the facial skin with gentle circular movements from bottom to top and from inside to outside. Now your skin can recover and restore itself overnight.

The weekly extras for beautiful and healthy skin

In addition to your daily skin care routine, you should also develop a weekly routine to keep your skin youthfully fresh and healthy in the long run. Here, too, the top priority is that the applications and products are tailored to your skin type.

If you tend to have oily, blemished skin, a peeling can provide relaxation and cleansing. If you have dry skin, you may want to use a cream mask - aloe vera and avocado are particularly popular moisturizers. Get a feel for how often the extra routine does you and your skin good. One application per week may be enough, but you may prefer to spend up to three evenings giving your skin an extra dose of care with highly concentrated products.

Tip: With nutrient-rich and moisturising ampoules you support the health and regenerative capacity of your skin particularly effectively. Applied once or twice a week, they act as an energy boost for your skin!

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