The top tips for well-groomed male skin

When it comes to skin care, men often have it easier than the female population. Men's skin is significantly more robust and can better withstand environmental influences. The sex hormone testosterone ensures this. In comparison, men's skin is even 20% thicker than that of women. The disadvantage, however, is a higher number of sebaceous glands, which produce about twice as much sebum every day. As a result, the skin often looks coarse-pored and oily. But with the following tips, men can also make their skin look fresh again.

Thorough cleaning

Men's skin should also be thoroughly cleaned every morning and evening. In the course of the day and during the night, some dirt accumulates on the face. Bacteria and sebum as well as dead skin cells clog the pores, often resulting in blackheads and pimples. To counteract this, it is recommended to cleanse the skin with appropriate facial toners or washing gels. These loosen any dirt from the pores and refine the skin texture. In addition, creams, fluids or serums can be used to support the skin barrier in its own regeneration and stabilization.

Apply sun protection

UV rays cause the skin to age much faster. Especially men should pay attention to good skin protection. The risk of skin cancer is significantly higher than for women. Men's skin has fewer antioxidants and is not sufficiently protected against sun exposure. In addition to the risk of skin cancer, skin aging and sunburn, the sun also causes the skin to often feel tense and produce more sebum. Therefore, men should also use sunscreen if they stay in the sun longer. You can read about how to find the right sun protection for you - whether you are a man or woman - in our article "The right sun protection for your skin" .

Anti-Aging for male skin

It's true! Male skin generally ages later than female skin. However, the storage of moisture in the skin also becomes more difficult for men with increasing age. While men can more or less do without appropriate skin care products in younger years, with increasing age and at the latest when the first wrinkles appear, care must be taken to use special anti-wrinkle creams. They ensure that more collagen is produced and give the skin back its elasticity and flexibility. Care products with antioxidants should also be used. This additionally strengthens the outer protective layer of male skin in the long term.

Sport for a flawless skin feeling

The signs of aging skin cannot only be maintained with sufficient care. Your skin also benefits from a balanced sports programme. You can read more about this here.Increased blood circulation improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients so that radicals that attack your skin cells can be removed more quickly. During sweating, the skin pores open and accumulated sebum deposits and cell waste can drain off more easily. In addition, superfluous skin flakes, which are responsible for clogging the pores, are removed. Do not forget to apply sunscreen during outdoor sports, and after training you should supply the skin with valuable ingredients, because then they can be absorbed especially well.

Healthy through life

A healthy lifestyle is essential for beautiful, fresh and vital male skin. That is why you should eliminate all disturbing factors that cause it to age faster. These include not only the sun but also nicotine or alcohol. A balanced diet promotes the absorption of nutrients and vitamins and additionally supports your skin from the inside. A healthy diet also includes the intake of sufficient water. A daily fluid intake of 2-3 litres is recommended to hydrate the body from the inside. A high moisture content simply smoothes out small wrinkles by itself.

Beware of hot baths

Frequent and hot showers or baths dry out men's skin very quickly. Especially with hot baths it is better to avoid a longer dive. To spare the skin greater strain, you should not bathe for more than 15 minutes and a bathing temperature of 37 degrees Celsius should not be exceeded. For a softer skin feeling, men should also allow themselves an oil bath every now and then. If you have a tendency to dry skin, you are also welcome to use moisturising shower gels.

Men also suffer from dry skin

When the summer is over and the cold seasons arrive, men also have to change their skin care. Because cold and dry heating air cause men to suffer from dry skin as well. Then it is important to restore moisture to the skin with rich creams and good oils. Skin-identical or similar ingredients are particularly suitable for this purpose. Among them are ceramides, cholesterol as well as caring natural oils.

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