Help! Sunburn! 4 tips for cooling

Sure, we all know that every sunburn damages the skin in the long run. And although we protect ourselves from it, it happens from time to time that the skin turns red, burns and threatens to blister and peel. Then the question is: What helps with sunburn?

Typical sunburn traps

Even if we provide our skin with sun protection (see Blog 01), it happens again and again that we have not taken sufficient precautions. We should beware of typical situations like these:

  • The day begins cloudy and clears up later, so that the sun protection is not sufficient.
  • We underestimate the intensity of solar radiation through the cloud cover or in spring.
  • We're just gonna go out for a little while and stay longer than we planned. For example, because the sun is so beautiful...
  • We go shopping in the city without much protection and forget that we are always exposed to the sun.
  • On the bike, in a convertible or in windy conditions, we do not feel when the skin starts to burn due to the cooling breeze.
  • Sunbathing is simply too pleasant, the warmth makes us lazy and lethargic ... and there you go.

This is important now

When we discover redness or begin to feel the inner heat on the skin, the sunburn is already there. Because both are natural defensive reactions when too many sunrays penetrate the skin.

Therefore the very first reaction is: Get out of the sun!

In the next step the burnt skin must now be cooled. The following applies here: Cool as quickly as possible, but still gently!

How to gently cool down your sunburn

To cool down your sunburn, you can choose from various means:

  • Get in the shower. As a precaution, start with lukewarm water so as not to strain your circulation, which is affected by sunburn as much as your skin. Afterwards, turn the water cooler and cooler.
  • Place clean (linseed) cloths, which you have expressed in cold water, on the reddened skin areas. If the sunburn is on your back, shoulders, chest or stomach, you can also put on a wet T-shirt.
  • Very good household remedies for sunburn are cool compresses with quark or yoghurt. Take the dairy products out of the refrigerator, wrap them in a clean cloth and place them on the burnt skin. If you like, mix a pureed cucumber with quark or yoghurt - it stores the coolness particularly well. Simple cucumber slices are also a good help in the face.
  • Cool packs also help with sunburn. However, you must make sure that the cooling elements are not too cold, otherwise they can cause additional skin damage. It is best to always wrap them in a terry cloth.

The most important thing now is: Drink plenty! Since your skin loses a lot of fluid due to sunburn, you should drink a lot of water during the "hot phase". This will also strengthen your circulation, which must maintain the increased cell activity to repair the burns.

Adults can not only relieve the pain with ASA preparations, but at the same time they can contain the many small inflammations under the skin.

If you experience fever or too much pain, please consult a doctor.

Beware of the trap!

Always cool your skin in the shade. Never go into the pool or the sea with a sunburn - the water reflects and intensifies the sun's rays and thus the sunburn.

Always make sure to use clean water and clean pads. Germs and bacteria can penetrate more easily into the skin when sunburned and increase inflammation under the skin.

Support the self-healing powers of the skin

After a sunburn your skin needs particularly good care. Cooling and moisturising gels and lotions especially for sunburn are available in pharmacies. Freely available products against burns and insect bites are also helpful.

Ointments with natural healing substances such as aloe vera, chamomile or witch hazel have an anti-inflammatory effect. You can even apply the juice of aloe vera directly from the plant, it has a cooling effect.

By the way, it is especially pleasant when cream or ointment comes out of the fridge!

To speed things up: Stimulating cell regeneration

Especially on the face, but also on all other parts of the body, you can use your daily moisturizer in case of sunburn. However, you should make sure that it contains little fat, as this could cause the pores that have been affected to stick together.

Hyaluron, Q10 and collagen, on the other hand, which are contained in many anti-aging skin care products, provide extra moisture that your skin can now make the most of.

Professional skin care products that support the natural cell regeneration with active substances such as cell peptides have been reported to be particularly effective in the case of sunburn. In particular with a high-dose serum, e.g. of the care series Cellusana with 50 % cell peptides, the consequences of sunburn can be alleviated. This can also be used for children, providing relief and accelerating healing.

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