Hyaluronic acid: Why it is important for the skin

Hyalurosäure Moleküle Zellkosmetik Regenerierende Kosmetik Cellusana

Hyaluronic acid has been on everyone's lips for some years now. As the favourite active ingredient of the cosmetics industry, the miracle cure can now be found in many products for skin and hair. But is hyaluron really important and can wrinkles be plumped up in this way?

Hyaluron or hyaluronic acid is the main component of synovial fluid, skin, bones, intervertebral discs and eyes. It is found almost everywhere in the body, mainly in the cells and intercellular spaces. Its job is to bind moisture. Hyaluron is really good at this: the acid binds up to 6 litres of water per gram of its own weight. This plumps up the tissue from the inside and keeps it elastic. This makes the skin look smooth and firm.

With increasing age, the body's own hyaluron production decreases, the elasticity of the connective tissue weakens, the skin becomes drier, and the first wrinkles appear, which gradually become larger. This process cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed down with good and targeted care.

How do you extract hyaluron?

In the past, hyaluronic acid was mainly extracted from cockscombs and cattle or fish eyes. The modern cosmetics industry often dispenses with the use of products of animal origin. Thus, the hyaluron used in the beauty industry mainly comes from the laboratory and is obtained from yeast or grain by means of fermentation.

However, not all hyaluron is the same. The substance only unfolds its full effectiveness when a mixture of long, medium and short hyaluron chains is used. The long ones are too big to penetrate the skin and only store moisture on the surface. This provides an immediate effect: the skin looks smoother and more padded. The medium-chain hyaluron is absorbed into the upper layers of the skin, refines the skin's appearance and reduces the depth of wrinkles. The short-chain or also low-molecular hyaluron reaches the deeper skin layers and can retain moisture there for quite a long time. Here, the active ingredient also influences cell metabolism and supports skin elasticity from within. With regular use, the hyaluronic acid stimulates the cells to produce hyaluronic acid themselves.

Hyaluron populär als Botox

Hyaluronbehandlung erfreut sich in Deutschland einer großen Beliebtheit. Da es sich bei Hyaluron um eine körpereigene Flüssigkeit handelt und nicht wie im Fall von Botox um ein Nervengift, sind mehr Frauen bereit, sich mit diesem Stoff behandelt zu lassen. Bereits 25 % der Frauen hierzulande nutzen Hyaluron, um ihre Falten zu reduzieren. Weitere 36 % denken darüber nach, den Faltenkiller auszuprobieren. Für Botox entscheiden sich lediglich vier Prozent der Bürgerinnen (Statista 2019). Hyaluron ist somit der Faltenkiller Nummer eins.

Quelle: Statista,

Nevertheless, hyaluronic treatment is associated with some risks. Since the hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin, the procedure should only be performed by experienced doctors. Treatment errors can lead to serious complications and even blindness. The German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (DGÄPC) therefore demands a prescription requirement for hyaluron. "Wrinkle injections belong in a doctor's practice and not in any salon", it says there. Besides medical interventions, however, there are other methods of adding hyaluron to the skin and thus increasing the body's own production.

How can you improve the body's own production of hyaluron?

Plenty of water and a healthy, balanced diet are the be-all and end-all if you want to improve your body's own hyaluron production. Since hyaluronic acid can bind water to itself, it is important that your body gets enough fluid. Only then can the substance plump up and have a moisturising effect.

Besides fluids, vitamins and minerals play a major role. Biotin, zinc, vitamins A and E are particularly important and can be found in meat, nuts, legumes, carrots, spinach, sunflower and olive oil. With a balanced diet, one can significantly improve the body's own production of hyaluron and delay the ageing process of the skin a little. When caring for the skin, products with UV and antioxidant protection should be used to support the skin from the outside.

What makes a proper hyaluronic care?

Good care products contain a mixture of long, medium and short hyaluron chains. In this way, as many skin layers as possible are optimally supplied with moisture.

With Cellusana Serum Plus 50% Cell Peptides you ensure firm, plumped-up skin. In addition to hyaluron, the product contains signalling molecules (cell peptides) that bring all the important active ingredients to the skin's stem cells, where they stimulate skin renewal.

The serum visibly refines the skin's appearance, reduces expression lines and moisture wrinkles and provides your skin with moisture all day long. The skin looks firm, young and plumped up.

Cellusana Serum
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  1. Gut zu wissen, dass Hyaluronsäure sehr nützlich ist, um Falten behandeln zu lassen. Es ist auch interessant, zu sehen, wo Hyaluron so vorkommt. Wahrscheinlich ist es auch eine sicherere Methode im Vergleich zum Skalpell.

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