Clinically tested: Dermatest awards Cellusana Serum the grade "Very Good"

Klinisch getestet Siegel Dermatest

The Cellusana Serum 50% Plus Zellpeptide is our premium product. Our customers swear by its excellent regenerating effect. Now we have had it clinically tested by the independent Dermatest Institute. The result: "Very good". 

What does "clinically tested" mean? 

"Clinically tested" means that a study was conducted by a medically or scientifically qualified person under clinical conditions. In our commissioned study, we were not concerned with the tolerability of our serum, but primarily with its efficacy. 

In the study, 20 women applied our Cellusana serum for 84 days. The individual wrinkle depth was measured using PRIMOS CR. In addition, a VISIA®-based skin condition analysis was performed.

Wrinkle depth reduced by 46

In the run-up to the clinical trial, we expected good results. But the result completely exceeded our expectation. Take a look at these before and after pictures!

The Cellusana Serum Plus 50% Zellpeptide

  • reduces the depth of wrinkles by up to 46 %*
  • gives the skin moisture
  • refines the skin's appearance* (evenness) by 32 %*
  • reduces pores*
  • activates and supports skin regeneration

*Proven in independent clinical dermatological application study by the renowned Dermatest Institute / Sept. 2022.

What does "decrease in single fold depth" mean?

In Vorher-Nachher-Bildern erkennen wir deutliche Hautveränderungen, von denen wir seit Jahren von unseren Kunden hören. „Meine Haut ist elastischer, straffer geworden“, „Die Haut strahlt wieder“, „Sie fühlt sich sehr gut versorgt an und ich sehe jünger aus“ sind Aussagen unserer Kundinnen.

The clinical dermatological study by Dermatest confirms this: Thanks to the Cellusana serum, wrinkles are demonstrably smaller and the skin feels firm and healthy again. What more do you need to look younger?

What makes Cellusana Serum so special?

The good effect of the Cellusana serum is based on an effective combination of cell peptides, low-molecular hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and vitamins of the B group. These proven active ingredients visibly refine the skin's appearance. The contained panthenol and niacin (B3) counteract dryness and premature ageing of the skin and thus ensure more resilience and elasticity.

The serum can be used alone or as a base for further care. The light texture absorbs well into the skin. After regular use, the skin appears plumped up, firmed and elastic.

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