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We want your interest in Cellusana to develop into confidence:

Confidence in a a relatively unknown, mid-sized company.

Confindence in a relative unknown, mid-sized company able to set foot in a market ruled by large companies by offering qualitative products through innovation and the application of resources that evolved over time.

Confidence in our clients’ authentic enthusiasm and satisfaction.


Satisfaction from 6 out of 6 bloggers



Nowshine is a German fashion and lifestyle blog over 40 from German North-Rhine-Westphalia which regularly posts about fashion outfits, beauty trends and female issues over 40.

About the ingredients: I thought, I was reading a list for the Oscars: superstars from A to Z

Cheerful, positive-vibed Doro rhapsodized in her post about the ingredients of our products. Our serum ampoules “Traitement Spécial“ became the wonder cure of her choice. And if Doro ever makes it to an Oscar award night, she promised to use Cellusana on the gala evening and promote us in Hollywood. Or something like that.

Doro‘s blog Nowshine is one of the best blogs to visit when it comes to German posts about fashion- and lifestyle-aware women over 40. We are amazed by Doro’s work, consistency, and enormous drive when discussing about her topics.

You can read her very well studied and authentic report here (German): https://www.nowshine.de/2017/12/cellusana-serum-ampullen-anti-age-lifting-mit-zellpeptiden-hyaluronsaeure-q10-und-pflege-.html


Male fashion and lifestyle blog

I have used Cellusana for the past four weeks: my skin feels soft and stress-free. 

“My boyfriend and I are very much impressed“. This was Maiks reaction over the phone when he told us his first experiences a couple weeks after using Cellusana. While looking for a reaffirming product that does not make his skin feel tense, Maik has evidently chosen the right product.
Read his post about how Cellusana takes longstanding wound healing and tissue repair knowledge and applies it into its principle for daily skin care.
Visit Kaisers Neue Kleider, the hype blog for extravagant, pepped-up male fashion and lifestyle: http://www.kaisers-neue-kleider.com/beauty-zell-thearpie-mit-cellusana


Fashion blog for women over 40

Small side comment: it has certainly helped me a lot to counteract the very visible „tracks“ caused lately by my party-intensive weeks :-).

Susanne is a consultant and image counselor, and a woman with style. A woman with appeal and self-confidence, who enjoys the beautiful things in life. And to do this, she has found an ally in Cellusana. This is how she was able to experience, for the first time in her life, that her skin still felt good in the evening after having worn Cellusana Day Cream “Hydratation pour le jour“ all day long. With our serum, she received the final touch to help her stressed, environmentally-harmed, party-intensive skin.

On her blog Women2Style you can see how positive Cellusana is for Susanne, who rocks her 50’s by enjoying style and fashion: http://women2style.de/allgemein/cellusana-die-wohlfuehlkur-aus-der-zellforschung

If you liked her blog, take a look at her other website: http://www.diestilmacher.de

Glam Up Your Lifestyle

40+ and 50+ blog for fashion, lifestyle, beauty, fitness, and healthy nutrition

About the Night Cream: let me tell you something: I LOVE THIS CREAM! I rather like richer creams, which is why I love this night care. I am very positively impressed by how firm my skin feels in the morning when I wake up.

“I want firm skin, too!“ This was Claudia’s incentive to test Cellusana in detail. Claudia is the mastermind behind the blog Glam Up Your Lifestyle, which seeks to inform about the regular nonsense in the life of women over 40 in an authentic, open and honest way.
With the mega ampoules “Traitement Spécial“, we were able to really impress Claudia thanks to the firm feeling her skin got. Claudia was impressed to the point of saying our products should be awarded an Oscar! And her remarks on the night cream “Revitalisation pour la nuit“? Pure love.

In her blog post you can see in detail why Cellusana is actually perfect for Claudia’s very sensitive skin: https://www.glamupyourlifestyle.com/2018/01/cellusana-eine-pflegeserie-fuer-pralle-haut.html.


BRU’S – Der Männerblog

I promise you, you will not want any other cream.

Bru, from BRU’S – Der Männerblog, sums it up perfectly: “What’s good for burned skin, helps a healthy skin, too.“ The medical origin of our cosmetic series helps the skin to regenerate in a natural way. The cell peptides in our Cellusana products filled BRU’s expectancies of providing plenty of moisture to the skin.

What our products can do for male skin and why Bru is now forced to hide his Cellusana products in his own house, can be read in his blog: http://brusworld.com/geniale-cellusana-hautpflege/

Discover BRU’S, the Munich blog about cool stuff. Bru and his readers give value to quality and exclusivity and are men who stayed young. Cellusana goes simply excellently well with this profile.

Conny Doll Lifestyle

Blog for women over 40

Cellusana comes very close to being the Holy Grail of Skin Care.

“Mega Skin Care” and “three wonder products” are indeed major compliments for us, but also evidence of Conny’s enthusiam for Cellusana. Her skin feels much firmer and fresher, and is now undergoing a “permanent test”.

When Conny got herself a burn blister, she immediately remembered our medical history. This was an excellent opportunity for her to experience the wonder healing process of our serum “Traitement Spécial“ for herself. Many thanks for your commitment, Conny!

In Conny‘s post, she does not talk about the Oscars, but about the Holy Grail of skin care. Read why Cellusana comes so close to that under https://www.conny-doll-lifestyle.de/mega-hautpflege-drei-wunderprodukte-von-cellusana-gewinnspiel-rabatt/

Conny Doll Lifestyle is much more than a lifestyle and fashion blog. It is a blog, which is not scared of change, and that has been conceived for women over 40, who are right in the middle of their lives. A blog, which has lots of stories to tell and which shall make readers smile more than once. Certainly, a feel-good experience in which we see Cellusana products in good hands.