• Cellusana - Produkte aus der Zellforschung

    Cellusana Bundle


    With the Cellusana Bundle you buy the day cream, night cream and serum at a special price!

    Optimise your results with precisely coordinated ingredients. The active ingredients are cell peptides derived from cell research. These animal amino acids are quickly absorbed into the skin and trigger regenerative effects. The skin gets a youthful look and is optimally nourished.

    Pure vegetable oils are quickly absorbed and make the skin supple.

    Without strong perfuming agents, Cellusana is optimally tolerated even by very sensitive skin.

  • Cellusana Testset

    Cellusana Test Set


    With our Test Set, you can feel what it is like to have our two creams nurture your skin 24 hrs a day.

    Our Day Cream provides moisture to your skin and protects it from the harmful elements.

    Our Night Cream provides your skin with nurturing support and makes it look firmer and younger.

    Please note: a customer can buy only one set! Repeated orders will be canceled.

  • Tag und Nacht Creme



    Would you like the Cellusana 24 hour all-round protection for your skin? Then choose the cream combination consisting of our day and night cream.

    In addition to your skin, your wallet is also happy, because you save money compared to buying the two products separately.

  • Regenerierende Nachtcreme Cellusana

    Regenerating night cream


    50 ml Creme

    Our regenerating skin care for the night contains 10% cell peptides. It provides your skin with the necessary nutrients and stimulates natural skin renewal. The unique combination of high-quality active ingredients and cell peptides strengthens the skin function, increases the nutrient content and supports collagen production for youthful firmness. While you sleep, your skin builds up from the inside out. The next morning, the entire skin appearance is improved, wrinkles are reduced and your skin gets a fresh, youthful appearance.

  • Anti-Aging-Cellusana - Tagescreme



    50 ml Creme

    Our regenerating day care contains 10% cell peptides and stimulates the cells of your skin with our CARE®-Technology and (re)activate and renews them gently and effectively from within. The day cream provides the necessary moisture, protects against free radicals and prevents wrinkles. Your skin immediately appears firmer and more youthful and shines with a new radiance.