• Sale! Regenerierende Nachtcreme Cellusana

    Offer: Regenerating night cream

    • regenerating night cream with cell peptides
    • with shea butter, Q10, squalane
    • supplies your skin with necessary nutrients
    • stimulates natural skin renewal
    • supports collagen production for youthful firmness

    50 ml

  • Sale! Straffende Tagescreme Zellforschung

    Offer: Firming day cream

    • luxurious facial care for the day
    • contains cell peptides that (re-)activate the cells of your skin
    • provides intensive moisture
    • protects against free radicals and prevents wrinkles
    • your skin immediately looks firmer and more youthful and shines with a new glow

    50 ml

  • Cellusana - Produkte aus der Zellforschung

    Cellusana Bundle


    With the Cellusana Bundle you buy the day cream, night cream and serum at a special price!

    Optimieren Sie Ihr Ergebnis mit genau aufeinander abgestimmten Inhaltsstoffen. Die Aktivsubstanzen sind aus der Zellforschung stammende Zellpeptide. Diese Aminosäuren werden schnell in die Haut eingeschleust und lösen regenerative Effekte aus. Die Haut erhält einen jugendlichen Look und wird optimal versorgt.

    Pure vegetable oils are quickly absorbed and make the skin supple.

    Without strong perfuming agents, Cellusana is optimally tolerated even by very sensitive skin.

  • Kosmetik mit Signalmolekülen/ Hauterneuerung

    Cellusana Trial pack


    Anti-aging cosmetics with cell activators - signalling molecules (cell peptides) that gently renew your skin from the inside out and make it glow.

    • based on groundbreaking findings from cell research
    • day cream (15 ml) with cell peptides, avocado oil, hyaluron, Q10, vitamin E
    • night cream (15 ml) with cell activators (cell peptides), Q10, shea butter, squalane
    • Gift voucher worth € 30
    • renews the skin cells with the help of the CARE®- Technology
    • tightens the skin
    • supports the natural production of collagen
    • made in Germany

    Total 30ml

  • Tag und Nacht Creme



    Would you like the Cellusana 24 hour all-round protection for your skin? Then choose the cream combination consisting of our day and night cream.

    In addition to your skin, your wallet is also happy, because you save money compared to buying the two products separately.