• Cellusana - Produkte aus der Zellforschung

    Cellusana Bundle


    With the Cellusana Bundle you buy the day cream, night cream and serum at a special price!

    Optimise your results with precisely coordinated ingredients. The active ingredients are cell peptides derived from cell research. These animal amino acids are quickly absorbed into the skin and trigger regenerative effects. The skin gets a youthful look and is optimally nourished.

    Pure vegetable oils are quickly absorbed and make the skin supple.

    Without strong perfuming agents, Cellusana is optimally tolerated even by very sensitive skin.

  • Cellusana - Eye Wear

    NEW! Cellusana – Eye Wear Sensitive


    30ml dispenser

    Eye Wear - Our firming eye cream is suitable for the sensitive and particularly delicate eye area.

    The special anti-aging complex provides essential ingredients for this demanding facial region. Avocado tightens the skin and prevents wrinkles, aloe vera provides the skin with the necessary moisture and at the same time has an anti-inflammatory effect. Shea butter soothes and softens the skin.

  • Cellusana - Botolift refresh

    NEW! Cellusana Botolift refresh


    30ml dispenser

    Your Botox for at home

    The exclusive anti-aging concentrate contains the innovative Acetyl Hexapeptid 8a kind of botox from the outside. The product saves you an injection. It provides a noticeable relaxation of the facial muscles. Botolift refresh effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines, especially on the forehead and around the eyes. The hyaluronic acid additionally cushions the skin and the canona oil macht sie glatt und geschmeidig. Für eine jünger und frischer aussehende Haut!

  • Cellusana Serum für strapazierte Haut mit Zellpeptiden



    30ml dispenser

    With the highest dosage of cell peptides (50%), our serum supports healthy skin function and restores the balance of stressed skin. The serum provides your skin with an extra portion of moisture and nutrients, which, thanks to our CARE®-Technology reach the stem cells and take effect there. This all-rounder repairs and revitalizes your stressed skin and helps you look young, fresh and attractive.