Cellusana Skin Care Products – Innovative Anti-Aging from Cellular Research

Our skin is the largest organ in the body and is in a permanent regeneration process. Many factors play a role in maintaining its functions even in the older years, especially regular care from the outside. Cellusana Skin Care Products are fundamented in groundbreaking findings from cellular research and work through the self-designed CARE principle. Cellusana thanks its cutting edge nature to cell peptides – organic molecules, which act as cell activators and activate the skin’s regeneration from within. Use it regularly to make your skin look healthier and fresher.

Besides its powerful cell peptides, this regenerative face skin care by Cellusana contains perfectly balanced, high-quality ingredients, such as Q10, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. This makes Cellusana Skin Care Products compatible with virtually all skin types. Cellusana is even compatible with very delicate skin, since it nurtures your skin without any added perfumes or parabens. With these two creams, you will be able to regenerate your skin with much higher efficacy and without unnecessary effort. Our product line - composed of a day cream, a night cream, and a serum - combines the best ingredients from the medical and cosmetic world in one place. Get your Cellusana line and have your very own beauty clinic at home – your skin will thank you.

CARE-Wirkmechanismus EN

Cellusana Test Set – Two face skin care products with impressive effects

Do you want to try out the effect of Cellusana face skin care? Then our very practical test set with 15ml of our valuable day and night creams respectively is perfect for you. These high quality creams suit almost every skin type and provide your skin with 24h moisturizing care as well as all necessary nutrients. Activate the regeneration of your skin from the inside and count on the power of cell peptides, the unique feature of our Cellusana Skin Care Products.