Cellusana Day Cream – Highly effective wellness for your skin

Our bodies’ largest organ, the skin, is responsible for important functions such as keeping out harmful substances. It is in a permanent regeneration process, which slows down with age. The skin begins to lose its ability to regenerate itself, as well as its elasticity and moisture. A powerful skin care can help provide key nutrients for the skin while keeping toxic substances out. But what does it mean to regenerate the skin from within? Cellusana Skin Care holds the answer within its cream.

Extensive research has shown experts that cell activators, also called cell peptides, boost the production of new skin cells within the basal membrane, increasing the skin’s regeneration ability. Our CARE principle concentrates these groundbreaking results from the research lab in an easy-to-use skin care cream for your home: Cellusana Skin Care Day Cream. This innovative facial cream combines valuable ingredients such as Q10, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera with cell peptides necessary for the optimal regeneration of the skin from within. Use it regularly to make your skin look healthier, fresher, and softer.

Cellusana Skin Care Day Cream is compatible with almost all skin types, since it is free from perfumes and parabens. Complicated beauty kits are a thing of the past thanks to Cellusana. Our effective day cream contains optimally compatible ingredients and is accompanied by a night cream. Clever anti-aging is also possible at your home – your skin will never be the same with Cellusana.
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Cellusana Skin Cream for the Day – professional care based on cell extracts

Thanks to the innovative CARE principle, Cellusana day cream combines years of research together with natural cosmetics for your daily skin care routine. With the help of powerful organic molecules called cell peptides, Cellusana’s ingredients are swiftly absorbed by the skin to stimulate cell regeneration. Cellusana Skin Care Day Cream activates the cell metabolism upon contact with the skin and effectively regenerates the skin cells. The skin immediately appears firmer, radiant and younger. Thanks to its content of valuable cosmetic ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid, your skin receives plenty of moisture from the outside. Cellusana Day Cream is a perfect anti-aging cream for skins over 30, yet it can also protect sensitive skin in an effective way since it is free from parabens and perfumes. Count on Cellusana to have all the benefits of a beauty clinic in your own home.

Natural boost of the skin regeneration thanks to Cellusana Skin Care Cream

By choosing Cellusana’s regenerative day cream, you are giving your skin valuable moisture and first class nutrients while also adding the know-how gained from years of cellular research to your skin care routine. Cellusana Skin Care is much more than just a regular cream: it contains cutting-edge cell peptides, which rapidly penetrate the skin layers to activate your skin cells and recharge its self-regeneration powers. By using Cellusana Skin Care on a daily basis, your skin shall remain constantly firm while maintaining a fresh and healthy appearance. Benefit from the ideal blend of Medicine and Cosmetics – Cellusana Day Cream shall take your skin back to a new youth.