Cellusana Night Cream – Skin Regeneration during your sleep

The skin fulfills key functions in your body, such as acting as a defense barrier against the environment. In order to do this effectively, your skin needs to regenerate every day – especially during the night, when the organism rests. This ability to regenerate its cells decreases with age, causing your skin to lose elasticity and become drier. In order to provide your skin with the necessary nutrients, a night cream is outmost important. The innovative Cellusana Night Cream is based on the unique CARE principle and combines years of cellular research with premium cosmetic nutrients. This regenerative night cream contains cell peptides gained from cell extracts: these are organic molecules which boost skin regeneration by promoting the production of new cells. Cellusana Skin Cream for the night supports your skin to let it recover during the night and virtually renew itself from within.

Forget about long, expensive visits to beauty clinics – with the unique face skin care products based on cell extracts you can get premium wellness to use at home. Cellusana Night Cream is free from perfumes or parabens and can be used even on sensitive skin. Cellusana’s optimal mix of ingredients means you only need a day cream to complete your beauty ritual. Trust modern science combined with natural ingredients – with the Cellusana skin care line, your skin will glow with renewed freshness.
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Cellusana Skin Cream for the Night– Cell activation and regeneration all in one

Intense research efforts in the field of cell regeneration have shown that cell activators, so-called cell peptides, have an stimulating effect in the renewing process of skin cells. They allow the skin’s basal membrane to produce more daughter cells, which in turn causes the skin to show a brand new and fresh look. Cellusana Night Cream relies on its CARE principle to introduce these cell peptides into the skin. By applying it with gentle, circular movements, you are letting Cellusana Night Cream activate your skin’s cellular metabolism and accelerate the production of new skin cells – all while you are comfortably resting. Premium ingredients such as Q10, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera also help treat your skin during the night. In the morning, your skin shall appear improved, less wrinkled, much fresher and with a younger glow. This regenerative night cream by Cellusana is the perfect anti-aging face skin care for mature skin from 30 years and above. Our night cream is free from perfumes or parabens, making it compatible with almost every skin type. Enjoy an intensive facial treatment with Cellusana Skin Care products – not in the beauty clinic but in the comfort of your home.

Effective skin regeneration over night with Cellusana Skin Care Cream

The innovative Cellusana Night Cream is a high quality skin care product, which activates the regeneration of skin cells due to its cell peptide content and provides your skin with moisture and natural nutrients to improve your skin’s appearance. Apply Cellusana Skin Care Night Cream to your face every night before going to bed. Combined with Cellusana Skin Care Day Cream, this cream offers a solid ground for a professional facial care as if you were being treated by a beauty expert. Treat yourself and your skin with a well-earned wellness and help your skin regain its youth – with the regenerative night cream by Cellusana.