Cellusana Skin Care Serum – Concentrated activation power for your skin

The human skin is a truly fascinating organ: it protects our body from harmful influences from the environment and possesses the unbelievable ability to permanently regenerate itself. Sadly, this ability weakens with age, causing it to eventually lose elasticity and firmness.

Cellusana Skin Care Products help you nurture your skin with important ingredients and to estimulate the production of new skin cells from within. For this, our very effective serum works within seconds as a power booster for the skin.

The principle behind Cellusana Skin Care Serum is based on groundbreaking results gained through cellular research. Renowned cytology experts have found out that certain activators estimulate the production of new skin cells and positively influence the regeneration of the skin. These substances are called cell peptides, which are contained within our regenerative skin care serum in very high concentrations (about three times more as in the day or night cream). Thanks to our very own CARE principle, these key ingredients are rapidly absorbed by the skin, doing their work where they are needed most. Wrinkles can be significantly reduced through the regular application of Cellusana Skin Care Serum, returning the skin its once lost firmness and healthy glow.

Our Skin Care Products are free from parabenes and perfumes and can be used for virtually all skin types. Take advantage of our cell research know-how and get a Cellusana Face Serum for your personal beauty clinic at home.

Cellusana Skin Care Serum – regenerative care based on cell extracts

Take a generous amount of cell peptides and mix them with the innovative CARE principle to create a super efficient skin care – voilà, your regenerative Cellusana skin care serum is ready! The exclusive combination of ingredients gives damaged skin back its perfect balance and nurtures it with important nutrients. Additionally, by applying our serum to your skin, you are reactivating your cell metabolism and effectively renewing your skin cells. Cellusana Skin Serum is an unbeatable anti-aging weapon for mature skin over 30 that should be generously applied on washed skin. Your skin will immediately feel fresher, healthier and firmer. Trust Cellusana’s matchless face skin care and enjoy first-class beauty treatments in the comfort of your home and on a daily basis!

Cellusana Skin Care Serum – key to a fresh and youthful skin

With the intensive skin care serum by Cellusana, you have an innovative skin care product in your hands, which combines the results of cell research with valuable nutrients to take care of your skin in a natural way. This regenerative skin care serum is based on the CARE principle: it contains cell peptides, which act as cell activators in the skin layers and impressively increase the regeneration powers of skin cells, nurturing them from both the outside and the inside to improve your appearance. Cellusana Skin Care Serum is entirely free from perfumes or parabenes, which makes it optimal for practically all skin types from normal to sensitive. Add Cellusana Skin Care Serum to your beauty routine and benefit from the optimal combination of Medicine and Cosmetics. You will be astonished by your skin’s younger, fresher and glowing look.