How to get your skin ready for spring. 3 effective tips

So bereiten Sie Ihre Haut auf Frühling vor

Not only flowers and trees blossom in spring. Our soul is also looking forward to the sun, warmer temperatures and light airy clothes. It is a good time not only to change your wardrobe, but also to pay more attention to your skin. After a long winter, it needs special care. We will show you some very good tips for a radiant skin in spring!

The temperatures are rising and spring is in full swing. The light dresses are tempting and want to be shown. Only your skin is not really cooperating: It doesn't look rosy at all. The winter months have taken their toll on it. Cold outside, warm heating air inside - all this dries it out, which considerably reduces the production of sebum. It becomes more chapped, forms more wrinkles and appears brittle. You guessed it: your skin needs more moisture above all else. This is absolutely true. But in order for it to absorb the moisture, it must be prepared for it.

Make peeling yourself

To get the skin optimally ready for spring, you can use a peeling. The small particles contained in a peeling ensure that the top layer of skin is removed when massaged in. It now consists mostly of dead cells, which only prevent the absorption of care.

You can make and apply a scrub quite comfortably at home. For this you do not need expensive products. You probably have most of them at home anyway. We show you two scrubs that you can make yourself in no time.

  1. Face scrub with caffeine for more radiance

Coffee cheers us up not only in liquid form. Applied to the skin, it stimulates cell renewal. Mix 5 tablespoons of the coffee grounds with an oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil. Of course, organic coffee is more recommended because it does not contain pesticides that could attack the skin. You should dry the coffee grounds before preparing the scrub. The best way is in the sun or briefly in the oven.

Apply the scrub on the face and the decolter area and leave it for a short time. Then rinse it off with clean water. The homemade facial scrub can be stored in a closed jar for a few weeks. However, do not wait too long: mold can quickly form.

2. Face scrub with honey for more moisture

Curd cheese contains many vitamins and minerals and is a great wellness product. Honey has an anti-inflammatory effect. So why not take both for a facial scrub for spring?

You will need 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese, 1 teaspoon of honey and a 1 tablespoon of fine sugar. The sugar crystals mechanically remove dead skin particles. The curd provides moisture. Honey soothes the skin. All ingredients are mixed together and massaged into the face. After five minutes, the spring peeling can be rinsed off with lukewarm water. The skin immediately feels supple and can absorb further care.

The active ingredients your skin needs in spring

For normal and/or oily skin, you should reach for a light moisturizing day care. If you tend to have dry skin, it is best to use products containing fat.

Very good ingredients that make your skin spring-ready are hyaluronic acid, panthenol. Peptides, aloe vera and vitamin C. Of course, you should especially prefer products that are made without the addition of fragrances and dyes, if possible.

When you wash your face in the evening. do not turn the tap on too high. Too hot water unnecessarily irritates the skin and destroys its protective barrier.

When it comes to skin care in spring, sun protection is of great importance. Already at the first rays of the sun it is recommended to protect the skin from harmful solar radiation. When choosing the right sun protection factor, this simple formula will help you: The lighter the skin, the higher the protection factor.

What else prepares the skin for spring?

In addition to cosmetic tips and tricks, there is a very simple recommendation on how to prepare your skin for spring. As mentioned at the beginning, our skin needs extra moisture now. You can supply this not only from the outside. Drink more and give your skin optimal support from the inside.

Getting plenty of exercise in the fresh air is also a great way to rid your skin of its winter pelt. Get out in nature and enjoy the spring. You will notice how your skin blossoms.

These products will get your skin ready for spring!

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