Hilfe! Sonnenbrand! 4 Tipps zum Kühlen

Help! Sunburn! 4 tips for cooling

Sure, we all know that every sunburn damages the skin in the long run. And although we protect ourselves from it, it happens from time to time that the skin turns red, burns and threatens to blister and peel. Then the question is: What helps with sunburn?

Der richtige Sonnenschutz für Ihre Haut
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The right sun protection for your skin

Don't we all come alive when the sun shines in summer? And rightly so, because sun is vital! Without sun our body cannot produce vitamin D3, which strengthens bones and boosts the immune system. But without adequate protection, sun on the skin also contributes to premature skin aging, and even if this is not directly harmful to our health, we can easily avoid wrinkles and discoloration!