Skin care tips

Schutz im Winter

Anti-aging tips for the winter

Unsere Haut wird in Herbst und Winter mit kalten Temperaturen draußen und der Heizungsluft in inneren Räumen konfrontiert. Dies lässt sie schneller altern und fahl aussehen. Mit unseren Anti-Aging Tipps für den Winter beugen Sie gezielt der Hautalterung vor.

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Hyalurosäure Moleküle

Hyaluronic acid: Why it is important for the skin

Hyaluronic acid has been on everyone's lips for some years now. As the favourite active ingredient of the cosmetics industry, the miracle cure can now be found in many products for skin and hair. But is hyaluron really important and can wrinkles be plumped up in this way?

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Help! Sunburn! 4 tips for cooling

Sure, we all know that every sunburn damages the skin in the long run. And although we protect ourselves from it, it happens from time to time that the skin turns red, burns and threatens to blister and peel. Then the question is: What helps with sunburn?

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