Skin care tips

Anti-Aging Lebensmittel Gemüse gegen Hautalterung

Mediterranean vegetable pan

If you want to age more slowly, you should definitely pay attention to your diet. Along with proper skin care, it is an important key to firm, radiant-looking skin. Vegetables in particular play an important role in this.

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Serum für reife Haut

Does a serum help against wrinkles?

Serum has been hailed as a miracle cure for moisture loss and wrinkles for several years. Thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients, it is a real vitamin cocktail for your skin. But what is a serum and how is it applied?

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Wie schütze ich die Haut im Winter?

Anti-aging tips for the winter

In autumn and winter, our skin is confronted with cold temperatures outside and the heating air indoors. This makes it age faster and look sallow. With our anti-ageing tips for the winter, you can specifically prevent skin ageing.

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