Vermonde Super 30 – Offers overview

We thank all time travellers, friends, Facebook users and online shop customers for the fantastic experience and the success of our Vermonde Super 30-campaign. Our owner also says thank you.

Dear Time Travellers!

Bit by bit we will update you with our product offers from our Vermonde Super 30-campaign in this post. The advertised products are discounted by 30% during their promotional period listed below.

From only 1.50 Euro per day you can take our high-quality food supplement Made In Germany. 90 capsules or 8 drinking ampoules last one month. Our cosmetics brand Cellusana is regularly on offer during the campaign as well.

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Get a good overview here and don’t be shy to contact our “flight crew” concerning your questions about our products and services. You can get in touch with us via email: or via phone: (+49) 6721 49568-40.


Offers in that campaign have been:

Offer from 16/8 till 18/8/2016: UltraPolesin

Offer from 15/8 till 17/8/2016: ManVital drinking ampoules   FemVital drinking ampoules

Offer from 14/8 till 16/8/2016: PHI   HeparCaps

Offer from 13/8 till 15/8/2016: PankreasCaps

Offer from 12/8 till 14/8/2016: TurboForm   UltraOculin

Offer from 11/8 till 13/8/2016: Cellusana Day Cream   Cellusana Night Cream   Cellusana Mega-Ampoules   Cellusana Skin Care Set

Offer from 10/8 till 12/8/2016: Arthro plus Arthro ovi+ BeautyNorm

Offer from 9/8 till 11/8/2016: ManVital capsules   FemVital capsules

Offer from 8/8 till 10/8/2016: CerebroVital    CerebralCaps

Offer from 7/8 till 9/8/2016: ManVital drinking ampoules    ManVital capsules  PHI  HeparCaps

Offer from 6/8 till 8/8/2016: XenoVital

Offer from 5/8 till 7/8/2016: UltraImmun   TurboForm

Offer from 4/8 till 6/8/2016: UltraProcor   UltraPolesin

Offer from 3/8 till 5/8/2016: PankreasCaps   UltraOculin

Offer from 2/8 till 4/8/2016: Arthro plus   Arthro ovi+

Offer from 1/8 till 3/8/2016: ThymusCaps   Cellusana Mega Ampoules   UltraPolesin

Offer from 31/7 till 2/8/2016: R.E.S.ocyt

Offer from 30/7 till 1/8/2016: ManVital drinking ampoules   ManVital capsules   UltraProcor   CorCaps   UltraRenolin

Offer from 29/7 till 31/7/2016: UltraImmun   ThymusCaps   CerebroVital   CerebralCaps

Offer from 28/7 till 30/7/2016: FemVital drinking ampoules   FemVital capsules

Offer from 27/7 till 29/7/2016: Cellusana Day Cream   Cellusana Night Cream

Offer from 26/7 till 28/7/2016: XenoVital

Offer from 25/7 till 27/7/2016: PHI

Offer from 24/7 till 26/7/2016: TurboForm

Offer from 23/7 till 25/7/2016: Arthro plus   Arthro ovi+

Offer from 22/7 till 24/7/2016: BeautyNorm   HeparCaps

Offer from 21/7 till 23/7/2016: FemVital drinking ampoules   FemVital capsules   ManVital drinking ampoules   ManVital capsules

Offer from 20/7 till 22/7/2016: UltraOculin

Offer from 19/7 till 21/7/2016: R.E.S.ocyt

Offer from 18/7 till 20/7/2016: Cellusana Skin Care Set