Vermonde Super 30 – Who are we?

Dear Time Travellers,

Due to your positive reactions and our quickly growing community on Facebook so far in this promotion we have decided to create an extraordinary “Thank you”-offer: Our Vermonde Super 30-campaign shall go out with a BANG! This means from 22 August till 28 August including, consumers will be able to purchase all capsule products with a 30% discount, and therapists can save 30% on all cell peptides. This is how we want you to keep us in good memory.

The Super 30-campaign is based on our owner’s 30-year-business-anniversary to celebrate plus 30 accompanying posts on Facebook presenting 30 products and more from our comprehensive food supplements and care cosmetics portfolio with a 30% discount during the promotion period. We are very happy that you have found the way onto our website. Now you might ask yourself: Who are we, what separates us from the rest?

Vermonde is your supplier for high-quality dietary supplements and equally high-quality care cosmetics.

We are “Made In Germany”: From purchasing of the ingredients to sales, the whole value chain takes place in Germany. The quality of our products and our service shall fulfil your expectations on the demanding claim “Made In Germany” to your utmost satisfaction.

The decisive factors for the mixture and recipe of each product are the fundamental therapeutic know-how in our company and best experiences in the application. We analyse the regulatory cycles of the human body in all detail and evaluate the experiences we gathered in (medical) practice: Thus we can offer products for your individual needs.

In the cosmetics sector we have translated the research achievements for the treatment of fire victims to offer you creams and highly-dosed ampoules which stimulate the regenerative effects of your skin. Cellusana is the care cosmetics brand for your breathtaking appearance! Free of parabens and perfumery substances.

Perfect digestibility, high bioavailability, natural resources: attributes you will find throughout the whole Vermonde product range. Our cell peptides are the substance in our products enabling us to say with clear conscience: We want you to feel good. Test us on our premise, take us at our word.

Please stay with us in the time travel machine during the Vermonde Super 30 campaign and beyond. And if you have inquiries, please give us a call under 0049 6721 – 49568-20 or send us an email at Pepper us with your questions; we want to communicate with you.

Oh, and did we mention that we ship worldwide? Product delivery will “only” be processed through space, not time.

Your Vermonde Customer Service Team