Donation: 150 Cellusana dispensers worth € 19,000

Kosmetik aus der Zellforschung

We donated 150 dispensers of the special serum to the plastic surgery department of the Diakonie Hospital in Bad Kreuznach. The serum is mainly intended to help with the aftercare of scars.

When it comes to plastic surgery, many people think of breast augmentation and nose correction. But it is precisely the operations for burns and accidents that require good scar aftercare. Dr André Borsche, head physician of the plastic surgery department at the Kreuznacher Diakonie and founder of Interplast Germany, also treats many patients with severe disfigurements, mainly from war zones. They have to undergo several operations that usually leave many scars and are to be treated further after discharge from hospital.

Managing Director D. Dreyer hands over Cellusana Serum to Dr. A. Borsche and Dr. P. Howe.

Our company would like to support scar aftercare for plastic surgery patients with a special serum. For this reason, at the end of November 2020, Managing Director Dominik Dreyer handed over 150 dispensers of the Cellusana Special Edition scar softener with cell peptides worth €19,000 to Dr André Borsche and Dr Howe.

What does the Cellusana skin care range have to do with scar treatment?

The serum helps damaged skin to regenerate faster. "Our formula and the CARE® technology we developed are based on groundbreaking findings from German cell research. Cellusana Serum contains signalling molecules (cell peptides) that help the skin to renew itself faster," explains Dreyer. The company Vermonde has been developing products that support the regeneration of the skin in its laboratory in Bingen since 2012.

The development of the Cellusana skin care series originated at the University Hospital in Heidelberg. There in the 70s doctors and cell researchers treated even the most severe burns with tissue extracts. This treatment method has shown an impressive regenerative effect: The scars have healed faster and their depth has decreased.

Scar keloid after bensin burn in the course of a 2-year treatment with tissue extracts.
Source: Script "Immunoregulatory Molecular Therapy" by Cell Immun GmbH.

With the donation to the Plastic Surgery Department, our company would like to revive its history of origin. "We are very pleased with this donation in kind, which we are happy to pass on to our patients to support them in the healing process," said Dr André Borsche, thanking the company on behalf of all current and future plastic surgery patients.

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